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attend a local show and meet new guys and gals. (:


(via theworldisnotenough, letsmakethisnightaclassic)

attend a local show and meet new guys and gals. (:

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i dont know what to do today.

its summer and im stuck at home.

your solution:
go outside, take your camera, and walk around your neighborhood and take shots of whatever you find. when you come back upload your photos and post them on your blog. see what people have to say. (:
bad weather? start reading a new book. or start that summer reading you have to do for school.
dont want to read? play uno with your family.
dont have uno cards? cook a wonderful meal for your family.

just some suggestions on what to do today. (:

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I’m sorry I haven’t done ANYTHING I this site yet

I’ve been super busy. I’m soooo sorry. :(
give me more idea for the site though?
Or write something in my ask? (:

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(via saraclwy)

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Hello Tumblr,

how are you tonight? (:

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or something more sutle like a cool lime green color.


Anonymous said: how many followers do you currently have?

i only have 20 at the moment. >_<
get me more? (:


Lose a pound and a half a week.

I wanna lose about 10 pounds before school starts.. and suggestions?

Well school starts near the end of august, right? Well at least my school does. So im just assuming about 6-7 weeks before it starts.
Heres what you could do eating wise to help out with losing some weight:

  • replace all drinks with water.
  • avoid fatty foods like chips, donuts, and ice cream.
  • stop eating as soon as you are not hungry, not until your full.
  • portion control.

im not saying cut all your meals in half or anything just watch what you eat and youre set.

Exercise wise; if all you want to do is lose a pound or so a week i suggest a simple morning jog 5/7 days of the week would be enough. On a track jog the straights and walk the curves/jog the curves, run the straights(or vise versa). stay moving for up to an hour(and hour more than what you usually do if youre already active, or intensify the routine)
Do you know what DDR is? an hour of that on medium would be good too.
anything that gets your blood pumping and heart racing would be excellent as well.

~ Friday, July 9 ~
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Ance problems?

yay, my first request. ^_^

"I have mildly bad acne on my face mostly on my forehead, cheeks, and chin… well thats basically my whole face isn’t it? ha. well what product do you recommend i use? because Proactive did now work for me and the simple soap and water doesnt really help either. help?”

-Well, first of all, Proactive, if you are having acne problems and havent used or tried it yet, i recommend you use it. every single one of my friends who have used Proactive said it actually worked. BUT, there is always that one person out of the bunch it didnt work out for, and the girl who asked me this and I are the ones it didnt work out for. So if you have feckles, sensitive skin, or are very very white/pale in the face i suggest not to use it. Just because the chemicals are slightly rough and can irritate the skin making acne worse.

-Okay so if you are one of the few people Proactive didnt work out for i recommend theBiore Pore Unclogging Scrub.
This product has worked wonders for me.


  1. Rinse face with water
  2. Pat dry
  3. Apply scrub to affected area
  4. Scrub thoroughly with the tips of your fingers for 1 minute
  5. Rinse face until product is completely gone
  6. Pat dry.

Do this one in the morning and once before you go to bed 3 to 4 times a week.

This product is also great if you have body acne. ex: on your back, arms, shoulders, legs, ect.

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Self body image

First off, you are beautiful. No if’s, and’s, or but’s. Every single person out there, in the crazy world, is beautiful. The only way you wouldnt be beautiful is if you were parading yourself around like a whore, abusing your power or intelligence to hurt someone else, or were pretending to be someone your most definitely are not. And even then i bet someone out there finds you beautiful; like your mom. (; I know its easy to point out every single one of your flaws and think that thats all anyone ever see’s, but have you ever pointed out every little thing you absolutely love about yourself? Whether it be the way your hair lays and flips out in just the right places when you dont even try, or the cute little mole on your chest, or your perfect teeth you so proudly show off when you smile, or the freckles on the backs of your shoulders, or your dimples, or the simplicity of your skin, there must be something you absolutely love about yourself. And someone, if not everyone, finds that beautiful. Your personality alone should show your true beauty, and if you have a good heart, it will catch someones attentions, and if it doesnt i dont know what will. You have to love yourself before anyone else will.
Whats something you love about yourself? make a list and begin loving every single inch of your body and mind. (:


Take pride in your pain. You are stronger than those who have none.- Lois Lowry


Take pride in your pain. You are stronger than those who have none.
- Lois Lowry

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